Topic: Alternative literacy/Postliterate Society – Literacy is a concept that in recent years has become nebulous. We used to view literacy as the ability to read and write but today that definition could be expanded to include the ability to assess aesthetic information and familiarity with referential data. The postliterate society can be viewed not as a society where reading and writing no longer exist but rather where the definition of literacy is expanded to encompass so many other facets of communication that the term looses it’s meaning.


  • Take part in weekly readings exploring the topic of alternative literacy. Each week a new subtopic will be explored and online discussions facilitated on Twitter using the hastag #dig_fluency.
    • Since you are taking this course independently it is up to you to lead these discussions and engage people in your topics.
    • Each week choose one of the articles listed below and one scholarly source you find on your own to talk about.
    • Whenever possible engage the author in your twitter conversation by using @ replies (many of these authors are daily Twitter users and will often respond to your questions and reactions to their work)
  • Add the source you find on your own and it’s summary to the class distributed reading database.
  • Drawing upon your own past experiences, write a reflective paper on the impact of digital literacy for the future of education.

Required Weekly Readings:

Elective Weekly Readings: