Topic: Assessing online resources – One major facet of digital literacy is knowing how to assess online resources. This includes reading and dissecting URLs, locating the author and host of online resources, assessing page ranking information, locating which websites link to the resource, and utilizing advanced search techniques to filter through online resources.


  1. Students will participate in a distributed reading, submit summaries, and threaded discussion related to the resources included in: (for individualized study, choose 2 articles)
    • Schrock, Kathleen. (1998, June). Evaluation of world wide web sites: An annotated bibliography . ERIC digest. Retrieved March 19, 2009, from ERIC database.
    • (the distributed research for the Individualized class will be asyncronous over time, future students will interact with past student work)
  2. Watch the following keynote speech and engage people on Twitter in discuss the topics and issues addressed (use the hashtag #dig_fluency):
  3. Locate and assess online tools that analyze website data such as link popularity, referring sites, traffic statistics, and ownership. Create a wiki that assembles this information and can be used as a resource to teach students and teachers about how to utilize these tools to assess web resources. Include on that wiki a mini-lesson that will teach students about assessing online resources.
  4. Build a custom search engine for all resources you use pertaining to this course.