Topic: Computer Literacy – A major facet of digital literacy is familiarity with computer programming and markup languages such as HTML, Javascript, Pearl, C++, and Visual Basic. The codes and commands that make up these languages are the language used to communicate with digital machines. An awareness of these languages is important for effectively navigating the worldwide information landscape.


  1. Create an autobiographical web-ready digital artifact to share. This may be a simple webpage, video, or slide show introducing yourself. It does not need to be published online. Email a copy of your digital artifact to your instructor (either as a file attachment or send a link to where it is published online).
  2. Class reflective discussion on whether computer languages should now be included within the scope of the definition of literacy.
    • For your reflective discussion post 3-5 ideas/thoughts related to this topic on Twitter. Use the hashtag #dig_fluency
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