Since you are in a class of 1 we cannot rely on other students for threaded discussions. To supplement this you will use Twitter to engage other educators in conversations related to the topics from this class. You will use the hash tag #dig_fluency when you post things related to this course. The goal with this is three-fold: 1. learn how to utilize Twitter for teaching and learning; 2. achieve the social learning benefits normally gained through group discussion in a regular class; and 3. tap into the expertise of other experts on the course topic.

If you are new to Twitter please watch the following tutorials to learn how it works:

Below is a list of Twitter Tools you may find helpful:

external image twitter.png - Microblogging - for messages 140 characters or less.
  • external image twittersearch.png - Twitter Search Engine
  • external image bingtwitter.png Bing Twitter Search
  • external image twittearth.png - Neat site that is kind of like a mashup between Google Earth and Twitter.
  • external image GeoTweeters.png - map where the people you are following are tweeting from
  • external image screenr_logo_small.png - Twitter screencasting mashup tool
  • external image logo.png - See Twitter like someone else
  • external image pockets.png - Leave a private voicemail for anyone on Twitter and they'll be notified via @reply.
  • external image logo.png?1250579435 - Allows you to tweet audio.
  • external image twitcam.png - Stream live from your webcam on Twitter
  • external image yfrog.png share images and video on Twitter
  • external image twitpic-logo.pngPost pictures and map them on Twitter
  • external image lyricrat.png - Lyric Rat is naming that tune in 140 characters or less on Twitter.
  • external image twapperkeeper2.png Twapper Keeper lets you archive #tag discussions from Twitter
  • external image tweetcall.png - Post Tweets to your Twitter account via a phone call (voice).
  • external image tweetbook.png - Capture your Tweets in a PDF ebook.
  • external image mentionmap.png - Twitter visualization tool that lets you see how people on Twitter are connected
  • external image new_logo_simple.gif - publish rss feeds to your Twitter account
  • external image searchtastic.png - Twitter search engine.
  • external image twittercounter.com_logo.jpg - Twitter Analytics
  • external image logo_01.gif - Search photos being shared on Twitter
  • external image chirpstats%281%29.png - Twitter Analytics
  • external image logoBig.png - Browser-based dashboard for Twitter
  • external image tweepi.png - helps you identify spammers and remove them from your follow list
  • external image bg_logo.png - Place post-it notes on any web page and share them on Twitter
  • external image cadmus.png - Summarizes the stream of Tweets you missed since your last login. Also, tracks trending topics among people you follow (unlike the Twitter main page that only tracks trending topics across all of Twitter)
  • external image adly.png - Twitter Analytics
  • external image TwitDoc500.gif - Share documents (up to 15mb), pictures (up to 10mb), and video (up to 25mb) on Twitter.
  • external image logo.png - Share files (up to 20mb) over Twitter

Also, below is a list of people you should follow. Many of these people are authors of content you will be reading in class, others are educators who often write about digital fluency related issues on Twitter. (I have placed a star next to those who are authors of content we will be reading for class)

(Click here to follow all these people)

external image tweepml40.png